CBD Hemp Flower

Top Shelf: Finger trimmed. Top 3-4″ of flower on the stem + loose flower. ($800 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/cbd-hemp-flower/)

Grade-A Sifted: Loose Top Flower buds. Off stem. Sifted to remove almost all leaf. Mostly trimmed. ($500 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/product/grade-a-sifted-high-cbd-hemp-flower-15-91-17-61-cbd-1lb/)

Grade-A Unsifted: Loose Top Flower + leaf off stem. Average of 20% leaf / 80% Flower. Partially trimmed. ($375 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/product/grade-a-unsifted-high-cbd-hemp-flower-15-91-17-61-cbd-1lb/)

Grade B: Top Flower + leaf, stripped off the stem. High grade biomass. Mostly hemp buds / some leaf. ($300 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/product/grade-b-high-cbd-hemp-flower-15-91-17-61-cbd-1lb/)

Grade C Extraction Blend: Large, Medium and small flower + leaf stripped off stem. For extraction only. ($200 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/product/grade-c-high-cbd-hemp-flower-15-91-17-61-cbd-1lb/)

Shake: Leaves, small popcorn flower + kief. ($135 per lb, purchase at https://herbking.co/product/shake-high-cbd-hemp-shake-14-00-cbd-1lb/)