Clothing products: hemp industry’s next big thing by

Owego (WBNG) — The hemp industry is expected to be worth $13.03 billion by 2026, according to Reports and Data. While you may be familiar with hemp products like CBD gummies and CBD oils, hemp clothing products are on the rise.

Owego Hemp currently sells socks, hats and boxers made from hemp. Employee Ashley O’Connor says their most popular clothing product is socks, her personal favorite.

“They are moisture-wicking so they’re not retaining the sweat,” O’Connor said. “Your feet won’t smell.”

O’Connor says she believes these products are good for people and the planet.

“Not only is it a sustainable and eco-friendly textile option, it uses half the amount of water as cotton,” said O’Connor. “It is three times as strong as cotton and it lasts much longer.”

As time goes on, O’Connor believes the industry will only become more mainstream.

“I think the other uses of hemp products are going to increase in popularity as well. Things like rope or construction even,” said O’Connor. “You can make fireproof hemp which lasts for years and years and doesn’t burn down. There are so many different options out there.”

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